Building Unconventional: MAD Announces Plans on a Grand Scale.


Building Unconventional: MAD Announces Plans on a Grand Scale.


The Beijing-born Ma Yansong founded MAD in 2004 after working as an architect for Zaha Hadid. This noteworthy company responsible for projects such as The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has recently announced construction plans for Beijing’s new and highly anticipated concert hall. This new 11,600 m2 home for the China Philharmonic Orchestra boasts a Lotus and Jade theme replete with surrounding forests and lotus ponds. The prominent acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota will collaborate with MAD for this project for a completion date of December 2019. Following their tradition of unconventional designs, this new concert hall is expected to represent the evolution of Beijing’s culture and become a symbol of modern development.

Words by Junko Haraguchi

The concert hall will be located in Beijing’s forefront district of Sanlintun where the wealthy people of Beijing like to gather. Creating the surrounding forest will be a large scale project.
The light in the foyer shines down softly from the ceiling creating the image of being inside a lotus flower.
Pay close attention to acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota who worked on Suntory hall and the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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