Even Adults Will Enjoy this Large-scale London LEGO Store


Even Adults Will Enjoy this Large-scale London LEGO Store

LEGO’s store in London is the world’s largest, and it’s filled daily. Boasting an underground train car built from 600,000 LEGO bricks, the LEGO store attracts fans from all over the world who take pictures with the various LEGO structures. On the 2nd floor, a familiar full-size red telephone booth stands on the showroom floor, and, spanning both floors, a 6.5-meter LEGO Big Ben delights and surprises visitors daily. The new store attracts visitors from all over the world, helping them to reacquaint with their childhood and unleash the possibilities of creation for which the company is famous. The store sells a variety of sets to recreate landmarks including the ever popular London Double Decker Bus. A must visit for all ages.

Text by Michiko Kagawa

LEGO Leicester Square
Address: 3 Swiss Court, London W1
Tel: 020-7839-3480
Access: Piccadilly Circus
Opening hours: 10AM to 10PM(Monday to Saturday), 12AM to 6PM (Sundays and Holidays)
Open every day
© Michiko Kagawa The London Underground, which includes a conductor and driver, was made with 600,000 pieces. William Shakespeare is onboard, and even the emergency brake has been recreated.
© Michiko Kagawa A paradise for all LEGO fans. You’ll want all the colors.
© Michiko Kagawa It’s so popular that the wait to enter can be upwards of 30 to 40 minutes!

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