Sweet, Japanese Delight in Paris


Sweet, Japanese Delight in Paris

Compared to world-renowned sake or matcha green tea, Japanese confectionary has not been so popular even among those who are interested in the food culture from the country. But finally the time has come, as the Japanese sweets expert Pâtisserie Tomo has been opened, located near Opéra.

Various items of confectionary are available in the shop but its specialty is dorayaki, a type of Japanese sweets that consists of two small pancake-like patties made from castella wrapped around a filling of sweet red bean paste. ‘The reason why we chose to make dorayaki in Paris was that, whilst there were so many French sweets that used Japanese ingredients such as matcha or azuki, it was difficult to find Japanese sweets with a French twist’, say the pastry chefs Takanori Murata and Romain Gaia. Tomo’s dorayaki present a perfect marriage of the two distinct cultures—the lineup includes those inspired from tarte au citron as well as baba au rhum. ‘Paris-Kyoto’, their original confectionary with praline cream, has been selected as one of the five best Paris-Brests by the prestigious ‘Les Echos’. ‘We’ll keep making something inspirational—our new recipes will feature mochi rice cake and even kanten agar’, Mr Murata and Gaia say. Nobody should miss out what the forward-looking creatives are going to produce next.

Text by Masae Takata

Pâtisserie Tomo
Address: 11, Rue Chabanais, 75002 Paris
Tel: 01-40-41-96-72
Opening hours: 12AM-7PM
Closed: Monday
© Olivier Bardina Mr Takanori Murata and Romain Gaia collaborate to produce new, Paris-inspired Japanese confectionary.
© Olivier Bardina ‘Baba au whisky japonais’ with a cup of coffee.
© Olivier Bardina You can take a look at how dorayaki are being made in the shop.

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