Where Art and Business Meet


Where Art and Business Meet

Joseph Klibansky proffers a powerful contemporary message and is one of the Netherlands’ highest sell-ing modern artists. In November last year, he opened a brand store on a high-end shopping street for a limited six months. The store gathered a lot of attention as an example of success for the art business. After studying business, Klibansky felt artists should not only have a talent for art but also the ability to pioneer new methods to sell their artwork. This young contemporary artist’s tenacity and ability to scale his business upward have earned him a reputation as the father of a new phase of art, stirring up the Dutch art scene.

Text by Kiyomi Yui

© KUBILAY ALTINTAS Until mid-May, the Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle will display dynamic works of art from Klibansky’s Leap of Faith exhibition.
Courtesy of Joseph Klibansky Thirty-two year old Joseph Klibansky is a Dutch artist originally from South Africa. His work has a particu-larly positive effect that is in touch with the times.
© Kiyomi Yui The Klibansky Store, open in the city. Open for a limited period until the end of June. www.josephklibansky.com

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