The Delicate Japanese Art of Paper on Display in London


WordsSolenn Cordroc'h

©Jeremie Souteyrat

Through subtle, delicate work with paper, art comes alive in a captivating exhibition in London which captures the epitome of Japanese minimalism.

After passing through Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Milan, São Paolo and Los Angeles, the Takeo Paper Show: Subtle  Delicate or Infinitesimal is coming to the Japan House London. It takes its name from the Takeo Paper Show, Japan’s only paper industry show which has been held every year since 1965 and which continues to explore the potential of paper.

Fifteen contemporary Japanese creators from the world of art, animation, architecture, fashion, graphic design and literature have used a variety of different papers, textures, colours, techniques and applications in their work to show a typically Japanese example of the striking potential of paper art. The use of this resilient but delicate-looking paper is symbolic of Japan and its people, capable of facing change and inconsistency without tearing.

You can discover this delicate exhibition, right down to its tiniest folds, at Japan House London until 24th December.

©Jeremie Souteyrat

Photo by Amana Group / Paper Flower by MISAWA Haruka

©Jeremie Souteyrat

Photo by Amana Group / SPRING by ISHIGAMI Junya

©Jeremie Souteyrat

©Jeremie Souteyrat

Photo by Amana Group / CHOCOLATE’ S HATS by Kenya HARA

Japan House London

101-111 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SA