‘Dark Eros’: The Book Painting Eroticism Black


Photography: Jingna Zhang, Model: KOM_I, Styling: Tsugumi Watari, Hair: Koichi Nishimura, MakeUp: UDA, Special MakeUP: Toru Hane

Released on 29 June 2018, Dark Eros seeks to recreate the inherited eroticism of the black art of films, novels and the imagination. The book is split into five projects, each one produced by a photographer and showcasing a different theme and universe. The Gothic meets temptation, the fantastic combines with the sexy… Dark Eros displays all the sides of a shadowy sensuality.

Photography: Kiyo Murakami, Model: Towako, Hair&MakeUp: Yumi Sakai

Photography: Chikashi Kasai, Styling: NAO

Photography: TRMN, Model: HEIDI, Hair&MakeUp: MOE

Photography: Hajime Sawatari, Model: Tesssa Kuragi, Styling: Tsugumi Watari, Hair: TAKU, MakeUp: UDA, Kinbaku: Akira Naka