Facetasm’s Hybrid Shapes


For its latest collection, Facetasm took up residence in the Church of Saint-Merry in Paris. It’s a mystical place where Japanese designer Hiromichi Ochiai presented a collection that plays with superimposition and a particularly daring mixture of patterns, combining checks, animals and polka dots.

True to form, the designer brought together influences from classicism to baroque and from gothic style to pop culture. Tulle, nylon, velvet, denim, ribbons… Hiromichi Ochiai is full of ideas and expresses himself with fabric. He likes deconstructed garments in many colours, like this dress-shirt-kimono and this artistic shape.

Facetasm (the name refers to the many facets that can be discovered in one object) was created in 2007 and is continuing its rise in the fashion world.

Hiromichi Ochiai grew up and studied in Tokyo at Bunka Fashion College and graduated in 1999. Over the next eight years, he worked for fabric company Guildwork as an assistant for the brand NGAP, before going on to launch his own brand. He made his first appearance on the catwalk in Tokyo in 2011.

This collection would see him reach the final of the Tokyo Fashion Award three years later. That same year, Georgio Armani invited him to show his collection at Milan Fashion Week. Two years later, in 2016, he presented his pieces in Paris for the first time, and was then shortlisted for the prestigious LVMH Prize. Since then, Facetasm has been breaking the rules and constantly renewing its fashions, for example by including technicwear shapes which are gathering a growing number of fans.

The main reason why Facetasm is unlike any other brand is because it makes hybridity its main asset. Facetasm represents a mix of genres, oscillating between complexity and simplicity, eccentricity and minimalism. Japanese traditionalism is combined with a Parisian attitude, with shapes which are both chic and street. Models walk the runway with their hands in their pockets, wearing trainers, while also dressed in a classic piece which echoes the French bourgeoisie: the trench coat.

The brand’s avant-garde aesthetic is constantly reinforced by a unique show which features models who appear out-of-the-ordinary. Their makeup and accessories are crazy: their faces are completely covered in makeup, or they wear wigs and extravagant hats.

Hiromichi Ochiai grew up surrounded by the bubbling energy of the Japanese capital. He evolved in an era when pop culture was at its peak and when craftsmanship returned to the forefront: these are the two main influences which fuel his work. Facetasm’s governing principle is to have no rules and no fear when it comes to creating. With his brand, Ochiai designs pieces he has always dreamt of wearing, while paying homage to the energy of Tokyo.