Master Chef Pierre Hermé Collaborates with Japanese Fashion Makers Creating Enjoyable Clothing and Accessories that Elicit Smiles


WordsKazushi Takahashi PhotographyJun Udagawa

The name Pierre Hermé in katakana characters has started appearing on the chests of gray sweatshirts and white T-shirts, giving the clothing a fascinating appeal with a certain sense of humor. From whence does this power arise? The name-value of a famous pâtissier? A clever twist to the trend of using Japanese words and phrases on clothing? What lies behind the secret?

All of these items are original to ‘Made in Pierre Hermé Marunouchi’, a new concept shop which opened in Tokyo in November 2018 by Pierre Hermé, who pioneered the boom in sweet macaroons sweeping through Japan. The new concept includes a collection of products minted through collaboration with manufacturers throughout Japan he has come to admire. The logos adorning the clothing were created under the direction of graphics designer Naomi Hirabayashi. Their stylishness owes much to her typography that uses narrow fonts and vertical writing.

The clothing itself is of the best workmanship in Japan, the sweatshirts being made by Loopwheeler, and the T-shirts by Loopwheeler is a brand that has become synonymous with soft-touch sweatshirts made on an old-style loopwheel machine. is a brand of the Kume Company that has been making T-shirts for over half a century. This is a collaboration between the creators of Japanese fashions, known throughout the world, and French flavors. Especially now that food culture is transforming daily life with increasing dynamism, the synergy may perhaps open up new avenues of opportunity.

Made in Pierre Hermé Marunouchi

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