Reading List: The Japanese House Reinvented by Philip Jodido


Tokyo House, A.L.X. Architect © 2014 Koichi Torimura

Published in 2015, this book remains utterly pertinent three years on. Addressing two crowded urban areas, under ongoing threat from earthquakes, Japanese houses must be constructed with regard to the unique conditions in which they are conceived. These challenges encourage architects to explore alternative ideas, and the results often give way to singular and fascinating spaces which are explored through The Japanese House Reinvented.

With a particular focus on materials and the technology used to soften light and preserve privacy, these residences reflect new ways of home living. With Japanese architecture inciting influence over the world, notably thanks to designers such as the 1987 Pritzker prize winner Kenzo Tange, it is safe to say that the Japanese tradition of sustainable engagement is showing few signs of cracks.

House in Utsubo Park, Tadao Ando Architect & Assoc. © 2014 Shigeo Ogawa

House of Density, Jun Igarashi Architects © 2014 Sergio Pirrone

Image courtesy of The Monacelli Press