A Better Way to Start the Day


A Better Way to Start the Day

A single guest room over a first floor bakery makes for a unique B&B. The owners of BREAD & BED both worked as editors for travel magazines, so they know travel. Also, they share a love for bread. “Baking can be hard, but it’s also interesting. Every day the temperature and humidity change the way the yeast ferments.” One of the owners says. The concept of fresh-baked bread and an overnight stay sings through the redbrick, kiln-like building. Bookings for the guest room come in regularly, lending credence to the overwhelming charm of waking to the aroma of fresh bread wafting into the bedroom. Eating fresh bread is one of life’s little pleasures.

Words: Junko Haraguchi

There Will Be Bread
Address: Road 55-3, Chaoyang-ku, Beijing
Tel: 010-6460-7199
Opening hours: 9am-9pm
Open year round
The popular whole wheat baguette and fragrant cinnamon rolls. There’s also an eating corner and the bread-making process was handed down from a Japanese chef.
The guest room accommodates up to four people. Use the kitchen to cook a meal that pairs with the bread.
The building was designed by the Beijing architect Wang-hui.



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