A modern edit of vintage appeal.


A modern edit of vintage appeal.

Vintage apparel from Europe maintains its popularity in Japan, but many have voiced concerns about the clash between silhouettes of modern clothing and vintage styles. SCYE MERCANTILE has edited the 19th century English tailored style for a modern interpretation. This shop is the company’s first retail store since its founding seventeen years ago, and the limited SCYE MERCANTILE collection is attracting attention. Unique genderless garments include elements from workwear and military gear. The Katsuragi cotton twill jacket is an original and mimics English workwear. Its rounded cuffs allow for smooth hand movement, which makes the jacket suitable as a waiter’s uniform. However, donning this traditionally tailored jacket daily is nothing short of a luxury.

Scye Mercantile
Address: 3-54-13 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5414-3531
Opening hours: 12 noon-8pm.
Closed: Tuesday and Wednesday
©Mai Hokari Accessories loved by their designers, such as soap, combs, hats, and jewelry arranged in wooden containers.
©Mail Hokari Work Jacket. An elegant expression embodied in freely flexible yet tough katsuragi cotton.
©Mai Hokari Work Jacket with natural taper, made of the same materials. Available in 6 sizes.


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