Australian outfitters tailored for style


Australian outfitters tailored for style

Founded in Australia, The Cloakroom Ginza is the company’s third store after its Brisbane flagship and Montréal, Canada stores. Japan-made apparel has gained popularity in Australia because of its craftsmanship, technical capabilities, credibility, and location. The Cloakroom pays homage to Japan-made clothing with its own twist.

Bespoke, of course. Customers try on samples and then the clothing is made with the proper adjustments. Prices start from ¥173,880 (including tax). Clothing made for one’s body and movements brings new meaning to comfort, and sales clerks take the role of consultants when it comes to subtleties such as collar width, button count, as well as silhouette and fabric choice.

Short jackets or suits. Coordinates and casual wear. The staff offers sound advice on how best to dress for any occasion. The Cloakroom is a valuable resource when it comes to building one’s personal brand.

For the uninitiated, visiting a tailor can be a little intimidating. The Cloakroom offers all the professionalism and traditionalism of Seville Row with a contemporary flair and a cordial staff to help with sartorial decisions.

Address: Randic Dai-3 Ginza Building 5F, 7-10-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6263-9976
Opening hours: 12:30pm-7pm (Only by appointment)
Closed: Monday
© Ryo Yuasa A suit that gives a little more bulk to shoulders without shoulder pads. Fine tailoring and fine fabric come together in luxury, offering a slim silhouette and soft lining. A bespoke suit from ¥173,880.
© Ryo Yuasa The Cloakroom works by appointment to allow customers to relax while deciding.
© Ryo Yuasa Customers meet with the sales staff to choose fabric and colors, and the suit is ready in one to two months.
© Ryo Yuasa In addition to business and formal wear the company also crafts casual wear such as the company’s lambskin Classic Bomber Jacket, which is dyed in Asakusa.


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