Cedar from Kumamoto for a new brand of furniture


Cedar from Kumamoto for a new brand of furniture

The cool climate found on the North side of Mt. Aso offers a unique environment for the thriving forestry industry. The area is home to a high-quality grained wood, known as Oguni cedar.

FIL, the new interior and lifestyle brand uses thinned Oguni cedar and relies on inspiration that spans over the last 250 years. Delicately finished with a copper color paint, FIL’s metal framework construction brings out the wood’s beauty and achieves a sleek look for a light and modern atmosphere.

Along with the introduction of the FIL brand, their flagship store, FIL Store opened in the Aso District’s Minami-oguni. Customers peruse FIL’s furnature product line and room fragrances while enjoying the elegant natural environment surrounding Aso and the Oguni cedars.

Words: Hisashi Ikai

FIL Store
Address: 30 Manganji Maruta Minami-oguni machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto
Tel: 0967-42-1010
Opening hours: 11:00am-7:30pm
Closed: Tuesday and Wednesday

About the brand: Infuse the concept of “Fulfilling Life” with the beautiful landscape that have been carefully preserved in Aso, the spirit of warmth towards visitors, a culture and perspective that makes these connections of “nature to person” and “person to person.” We make products that can be lovingly used for a long time, and that create a deep connection between person and object.
The delicate frame and straight lines of this sofa give it a modern appeal (W60.5×H53×D68×SH36.5). Products can also be purchased online.
Reaching toward the sky, the metal pipe extends upward from the cone shaped base, reminiscent of the area’s eponymous cedar. Coat hanger (φ45×H160cm).
The store, located in a mountain village with spectacular scenery, features Oguni cedar in its interior. Large rafters, a motif of the mountains of Aso, highlight the store’s design and reflect the vision of architects Naoko Oshima and Kazuya Yogo.


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