Designs to Connect


Designs to Connect

SOLO is a producer of custom-made furniture. The company’s new product lineup under the name aemono will put even more value on quality over quantity. The company considers the environment when individually producing these items. Each represents a new era of furniture design and production, which combines various materials. See the work here. Conceptually the furniture is referred to as furnitecture, a portmanteau of architecture and furniture, bringing to light that the designers were architects. Crafted with select materials from masterful techniques that reduce waste and enliven the products, each piece diminishes the distance between production and consumption. The new line responds to a new era of awareness.

Words: Hisashi Ikai

© Takumi OtaBench 2016 based on a bench the architect Kazunari Sakamoto made for Tokyo Tech Front. It’s manufactured by Inoue Industries Co., Ltd.
© Takumi OtaA wooden box from Hinoki village in Tokyo and designed by Nami Makishi.
© Takumi OtaThe OVERRIDE table with a top panel which the company reprocessed from discarded listing designed by Taiji Fujimori.


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