EBISU Encapsulated


EBISU Encapsulated

Nine Hours the capsule hotel company opened ºC Ebisu (pronounced Doh C Ebisu) in December last year. Architect Jo Nagasaka undertook the interior design work as he did in his renovation of Blue Bottle Coffee in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa and numerous other properties. These renovations have brought capsule hotels to a new level, combining conventional facilities with saunas that create steam from water sprayed on heated stones, better known as löyly saunas. Add to this a cool down space using TOTO’s most recently unveiled shower, the Warm Pillar. Imagine being enveloped in a blanket of water, gently falling straight down to minimize splashing. Over the years, saunas have been the exclusive right of men, but at the Nine Hours capsule hotels, women are more than welcome. Whatever your need, stay the night, take a rest or relax in a sauna after work, offers a refreshing break.

ºC Ebisu
Address: 1-8-1 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3449-5225
Check-in and check-out: Check-in: from 1pm; check-out: by 10am
Rest stay hours: 1pm-9pm
Sauna opening hours: 1pm–9am the following morning
Rates: Overnight stays starting at ¥4,900 (tax included); rest stays starting at ¥1,500 (tax included) for the first hour, ¥500 for each additional hour
Sauna rates: ¥1,000 for the first hour, ¥500 for each additional hour
162 rooms total
The sauna is available for use for rest stay guests
© Toru YuasaRelax as you spray lightly scented mint water on the heated sauna stones, surrounding yourself with soothing fragrance.
© Toru YuasaThe Warm Pillar shower in the cool down space. The water temperature changes from season to season or choose from 15℃, 20℃, 25℃, or 30℃. A gentle light spills into the shower through the ceiling which is made of semi-transparent FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) resin.
© Toru YuasaAmenities like shampoo are original products made in collaboration with the bath line, TAMANOHADA, offering a refreshing mint fragrance.
© Toru YuasaIts retro interior belies its true place in time. The capsules provide the weary traveler with USB ports to accommodate all business needs.
© Toru YuasaRooms for men and women are separated by floor: 102 rooms for men, and 60 for women.


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