Exploring Comfort in a Unique Luxury Hotel


Exploring Comfort in a Unique Luxury Hotel

PUBLIC is the latest in Ian Schrager’s line of luxury hotels and it opened this last June. Schrager has turned his attention to diversifying his own personal values with the goal of creating new and unique luxury experiences that are comfortable for everyone. The comfort of the common spaces draws attention. The hotel lobby and front garden are open, power outlets are available in all areas, and of course free high-speed Wi-Fi is also available. While spaces that truly embody the name of the hotel are around every corner, customers can still spend their time in their own way. With exceptionally low fares compared to other hotels in its class, PUBLIC is making travelers and New Yorkers alike happy.

Words: Kimi Suzuki

Address: 215 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002
Tel: 212-735–6000
Access: 2nd Avenue
Opening hours:
Each contemporary room is minimalistic with a warm design. Spaces have been conceived so that every guest can have a comfortable stay.
The furniture in the rich common areas have been arranged with various scenarios in mind.
At the bar “Diego”, guests can readily enjoy their favorite drinks and meals.


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