EYEVAN 7285: Eyewear for the Dazzling Vol.1 Rina Fukushi


EYEVAN 7285: Eyewear for the Dazzling Vol.1 Rina Fukushi


Having made a sensational debut in 1972, EYEVAN is a Japan’s leading eyewear brand proposing the concept of “eyewear for dressing as a fashion item.” EYEVAN eyewear has proved to be an instant hit around the globe, earning a handful of celebrity customers. In 2013, after 40 years from its birth, the design team reinterpreted the heritage and craftsmanship and launched a new brand EYEVAN 7285. In this series, the short films capture three dazzling performers wearing the brand’s timeless masterpieces.

Rina Fukushi, Fashion Model
Fashion model with roots in US, Philippines, Spain. Scouted on first trip to Harajuku in junior high school, leading to start of modeling career. Made Paris debut at age 17 in Louis Vuitton AW collection. Current work spans fashion magazines and advertising in Japan and worldwide.

Instagram: @rinao127

Eyeglasses: Rounded teardrop shape combines with a double bridge, adding a masculine note to the delicate overall impression. 149 eyeglasses, EYEVAN 7285
Sunglasses: The proof of this design’s classic status is its ability to show feminine glamour at its best. Delicate silver metal frame combines with brown lenses to create a seductive look. 765 sunglasses, EYEVAN 7285


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