EYEVAN 7285: Eyewear for the Dazzling Vol. 3 Yoshimi Tsujimoto


EYEVAN 7285: Eyewear for the Dazzling Vol. 3 Yoshimi Tsujimoto


Having made a sensational debut in 1972, EYEVAN is a Japan’s leading eyewear brand proposing the concept of “eyewear for dressing as a fashion item.” EYEVAN eyewear has proved to be an instant hit around the globe, earning a handful of celebrity customers. In 2013, after 40 years from its birth, the design team reinterpreted the heritage and craftsmanship and launched a new brand EYEVAN 7285. In this series, the short films capture three dazzling performers wearing the brand’s timeless.

Yoshimi Tsujimoto, Shakuhachi Performer
Began playing the shakuhachi on entering senior high school under the influence of her father, also a shakuhachi musician. Graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts’ Music Department. Since graduating, has received invitations to play in more than 31 cities and 19 countries. Launched Bamboo Flute Orchestra solo project in September 2016. Current album SHAKUHACHI (Sony Music, ¥3,010) features covers of Western music including Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

Eyeglasses: The grey frame of these striking browline eyeglasses makes them a perfect choice as an accessory. 640 eyeglasses, EYEVAN 7285
Eyeglasses: Simple modern black and gold metal frame matches perfectly even with traditional Japanese dress. Combines delicacy with the black-and-gold pairing’s air of determination. 151 eyeglasses, EYEVAN 7285


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