Ginza’s Masterpieces #01


Ginza’s Masterpieces #01

Established in 1880 and catering to the foreign market, Miyamoto Shoko Silversmiths’ first store in Ginza originally manufactured unique silver products such as cigarette cases, tea sets, and miscellaneous goods. Miyamoto Shoko Silversmiths’ elegant photo frames offer a simple design, giving cherished photos a brilliant home for display.

Miyamoto Shoko Silversmiths
Tel: 03-3538-3513

Founded in Ginza-owaricho (Ginza 6-chome now) in 1879, Tenshodo is one of the world’s favorite places for scale models. Enthusiasts all over the world extol the craftsmanship of the company’s miniature train models, and their original jewelry and timepieces represent the zenith of Japanese artistry. A 1/1,000 scale craft airplane kit made by Aero Base of Wakayama Prefecture adorns the shelf among Tenshodo products as well as other import products.

Tel: 03-3562-0024
© Toru YuasaPhoto frame (4 inch), ¥25,920; (5.5 inch), ¥30,240.
© Toru YuasaGraf Zepplin LZ127, ¥8,640
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