Greener Singapore as Gardens Evolve


Greener Singapore as Gardens Evolve

The image most people have of Singapore is an urban one. However, due to a strong national policy since the founding of the country, Singapore is dotted with parks and green spaces both large and small. Recently, further greening of the country has been spurred with a promenade connecting multiple parks called the Park Connector Network that includes a network of bike paths. Many ambitious plans to redevelop existing parks hover in the near future. While Singapore’s Botanic Gardens and highly entertaining Gardens by the Bay are popular among tourists, inquiring about community gardens adjacent to residential areas and strolling through them with the crowds of local people is fun as well. It feels great to spend time walking in the early morning or evening to avoid the heat.

Words: Reiko Kasai

© Reiko Kasai Singapore’s Botanic Gardens are a World Heritage site, and recently they have opened a new area.
© Courtesy of Salad Dressing Plans to rejuvinate Jurong Lake Gardens in three years are underway.
© Reiko Kasai Drainage canals have been designed to skillfully restore the environment around Bishan park, a great place to relax.


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