Made in the U.S.A. And You’ll Want to Take it Home.


Made in the U.S.A. And You’ll Want to Take it Home.

The popularity of Shinola stems from their simple designs reminiscent of the golden years of U.S. manufacturing. The brand grew from the automobile industry, which is why they’ve headquartered in Detroit despite the city’s economic downturn. The company’s ideology is to breathe life into the handicraft manufacturing industry by hiring local American workers. In addition to watches and bags, which is their principal line, in their New York store, they have a wide range of products not yet available in Japan, including bicycles, turntables, stationary, and even baseball gloves. There are also personal items that can serve as a memento of one’s trip, as well as an assortment of ladies items that make an excellent gift for that special someone. You’ll want to take the whole store home to have a little bit of the U.S.A. in your house.

Words: Kimi Suzuki

Address: 101 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012
Tel: 929-395-0173
Access: Prince Street
Opening hours: 11am-8pm (Monday-Saturday), 11am-7pm (Sunday)
Open year round
The impression of the brand is an industrial one, but their store in the Soho district is modern.
The corner for choosing watch dials and straps, “Willard Watch Bar.”
Shinola is particular about the design and function of their bicycles. A picture of the staff is on display in the store out of respect for their workers.


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