Organic Pizza from the Fields of Business


Organic Pizza from the Fields of Business

GMA has built a reputation for organic vegetables from their fields as well as seasonings such as olive oil and preservatives made from their vegetables. Now, they also run a pizzeria, Capperi Che Pizza. Every ingredient used in the restaurant is organic and a GMA original product, from the vegetables to the flour, tomato sauce, cheese, and even their ham. There are five types of olive oil and seven types of tomatoes, making any combination of pizza ingredients possible to suit your preferences. Their Napoli crust is thick and chewy. Favorite items on their menu include their standard Margherita and the Cheratta—a pizza topped with sardine oil. With customers dining with them even on consecutive days, Capperi Che Pizza has been very successful thanks to the fresh flavors brought to life through carefully selected ingredients.

Words: Kiyoe Sakamoto

Capperi che pizza
Address: Piazza Santa Maria del suffragio 3, 20135 Milano
Tel: 02-87073392 
Access: Milano Dateo
Opening hours: 12 noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm
Closed: Monday
© Frankie Vaughan The spacious interior has 120 seats, and the use of wood gives it a natural feel. A potted olive tree stands in the middle of the restaurant.
© Frankie Vaughan An appetizer with volume: fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and fried bread.
© Frankie Vaughan Margherita pizza with its thick tomato taste. Good to have with the original craft beer.


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