Silent Passion and Pride of Technology


Silent Passion and Pride of Technology

Meiko Futaba was established in 1954 and supplies the world with electric wire and harnesses. They have domestic plants in Joso City, Ibaraki, as well as Chuo City and Minami-Alps in Yamanashi, and overseas plants in Guangdong, China.
Their products range from electric cables for appliances to power cables for power plants and infrastructure. They also make the harnesses for cables inside automobiles, which are made from weaving thin wire.
Eiichi Kobayashi, Meiko Futaba’s factory manager, told us about his experiences joining INDUSTRIAL JP and how he feels about making music labels from back-alley factories.
“Although only few people in this industry like to stand out, they silently have pride that their products are used for high-tech products. Frankly speaking, I was surprised because it was the first time the machines that we use every day looked so cool. No matter how many times I watch it, I could not believe they were our machines. As INDUSTRIAL JP staff said before, “sometimes it might be good for the work behind the scenes comes to the front.”

Meiko Futaba
The machine stitches the wires by overlapping the threads in an alternating pattern. The height of the ring that supports the thread can also change the tension of the thread. At the center of the machine there is a metal plate that creates a cavity in the wire and shapes it.
Supple metal wires that stretch and shrink are weaved as they pass through the machinery. Meiko Futaba’s products are used in various places such as electric power supplies, the electric wires in towns and power plants, as well as harnesses in cars, etc. and life supports.
Meiko Futaba’s factory manager, Eiichi Kobayashi.


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