The Unparalleled Performance of Japanese Knives


The Unparalleled Performance of Japanese Knives

Among Stockholm’s foodies, more and more are attempting to reproduce their favorite restaurant foods, and what they most adore is the hocho: The Japanese kitchen knife. Cleancut opened in May and has become a popular store offering a rich assortment of quality hocho made by craftsmen from Sakai, Tsubame, Echizen, and Echigo. Japanese knives are the key product at Cleancut, but they also deal in designer products made in Northern Europe. “Knives with nicked blades from cutting frozen chicken are often brought to us,” says owner Yoshinori Suzuki who undertakes polishing work. His clients include a wide range of people from Micheline Star chefs to housewives using knives from Ikea. He even gives polishing lessons. Proper tools are the secret to delicious food.

Words: Hironori Tsukue

Cleancut Store
Address: Hornsgatan 42 a, 118 21 Stockholm
Tel: 08-23-33-32
Access: Slussen
Opening hours: 11am-7pm (Monday-Friday), 11am-3pm (Saturday)
Closed: Sunday (Holidays may affect the schedule)
© Hironori Tsukue 595SEK, a knife by Robin Dalman who established his shop in Stockholm.
© Hironori Tsukue Cleancut on a street lined with galleries.
© Hironori Tsukue Mr. Suzuki immigrated to Stockholm four years ago, and has experience working in the Sakai area of Osaka. He polishes one hocho at a time with natural grindstones from Japan.


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