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Araki: The Photo Devil

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01Araki: The Photo Devil

The 75-Year Journey of a Master Photographer

"The Ukiyo-e* artist Kawanabe Kyōsai called himself the Demon of Painting, you know. I'm more the Photo Devil”.


Araki starts his day early, photographing the sky from his veranda. He then shoots a picture of his breakfast. Next, he moves to his bedroom and uses a brush to write the names and title lettering for a solo exhibition. After going to a Tokyo studio for an afternoon photo shoot with models, he meets with curators and members from the media in the evening. Over the weekend, Araki disappears into his home to shoot still-life. For him, these days aren’t days of rest. Some of his photos repulse, and yet some inspire through their imaginative beauty. The power of Araki’s work lies in the contrasts of life and death, tranquility and chaos, madness and humor—his controversial style scorches the eyes and finds purchase in one’s memory to last a lifetime.

* Traditional Japanese woodblock art

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