beautiful AFRICA


beautiful AFRICA

Navigated by photographer Nagi Yoshida

One day, Nagi Yoshida sat before her television mesmerized by what she saw.
A show on the Maasai had captivated her—their noble gazes, their rich colors and art, as well as the scenery that sparked a lifetime passion and her journey into photography.

The men of the Bororo compete for beauty titles at the Gerewol. The nomadic Bororo ethnic group live with their livestock as they travel from fresh pasture to fresh pasture.

beautiful Bororo

Yoshida brought Bororo members to a location near Niamey, Niger’s capital city, to photograph against a backdrop of a lone railroad track in the desert.

This was taken in the desert area 20km away from Niger’s capital, Niamey. The Bororo travelled nearly 1,100km for the photo-shoot with us, as they usually live in Northern Africa.

The Bororo travel through areas where trains don’t pass, so Yoshida wanted to create a juxtaposition with the ethnic culture and a man-made object.

To appeal more to women for Gerewol, each man takes as long as 45 minutes to paint his face yellow.

As a patriarchal society, the women of the Bororo come across as timid, yet their unique beauty stands out.

Straw hats, turbans, and headpieces with bags made from beads as they carry swords.

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