In Vancouver ‘Tonkatsu’ Fans are Going Wild for Saku


On the west coast of Canada in Vancouver, there is a small restaurant in the centre of town specialising in tonkatsu, a fried breaded pork dish popular in Japan. Since its opening, Saku has stolen almost all the limelight from the city’s other Japanese restaurants, despite their own respective creativity.

The super specific restaurant serves exclusively tonkatsu, presented in three different styles. This most indulgent of comfort foods, marinated for 18 hours before being deep fried, is only one element of the restaurant’s reputation however. It is also worth stopping by for the exceptional interior design of the space, mixing Japanese inspired styles with a retro American diner-style ambience with a light and bright colour scheme. Most notable is its cedar facade, and weather-permitting, its small terrace, perfect for dinner for two.


1773 Robson St, Vancouver

+1 778-379-5872