1,000 Varieties of Gin in Art Deco


1,000 Varieties of Gin in Art Deco

Within its distinctive art deco exterior, Parkview Square boasts a brilliant interior that’s almost overwhelming when one steps inside. The entrance floor lobby underwent extreme renovations, resurrecting it into the popular bar ATLAS. This elegant space with fifteen-meter-high ceilings brings chic and classical design together, but the real attraction is the Gin Tower—a massive collection of close to one thousand varieties of gin. Stop by anytime. ATLAS is open during the day and offers a Great Gadsby mood.

Words: Reiko Kasai

Address: 600 North Bridge Road, Singapore, 188778 
Tel: 6396-4466
Access: Bugis
Opening hours: 10am-1am (Monday-Thursday), 10am-2am (Friday), 3pm-2am (Saturday)
Closed: Sunday
The twelve-meter high Gin Tower, with a wealth of gin varieties from 100-year-old London dry gins to craft gins that are currently garnering a lot of attention.
Delicious original cocktails. The gin-based Atlas Martini.
The well-known term of endearment for the building’s art deco exterior is The Gotham Building of Singapore. The design of the public area is impressive and worth seeing.


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