Nike on the Beach.


Nike on the Beach.

The beach is the best place to show off our hard work at the gym. Sunbathers, joggers, rollerbladers, cyclists: The beach hosts a variety of athletic activities, soit makes sense that Nike would want to open their Box Barcelona here to support athletic efforts. Box Barcelona lets beachgoers borrow Nike gear to participate in activities such as yoga, jogging, or boxing classes, which they offer onsite. Its locally designed interior and art give artists of the area an opportunity to display their work. This fusion of sport and art delivers a fun and inspiring lifestyle message. Soon there maybe a Box near you. Use the facilities by becoming a NikePlus member via an app. Membership has perks such as borrowing running shoes for free.

Address: Carrer Atlàntida, 78, 08003 Barcelona
Access: Barceloneta
Opening hours: 9am-10pm (Monday-Thursday), 9am-9pm (Friday), 8am-8pm (Saturday) 9am-8pm (Sunday)
Open year round
©Toru Morimoto Use the facilities by becoming a NikePlus member via an app. Membership has perks such as borrowing running shoes for free.
©Toru Morimoto Local artists exhibit their work in the exhibition corner. Interior decor and furniture is all done by local designers too.
©Toru Morimoto Visit Box Barcelona on Barcelona beach. The shop is on the second floor.


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