A collection so big, he had to open a store


A collection so big, he had to open a store

In the thirteen years since immigrating from his home country of the Netherlands to Barcelona, Niels Jansen’s love for his country instigated a fascination with Scandinavian furniture and lighting fixtures that evolved into an extensive collection. Initially, Jansen traveled across Europe retrieving rare designer furniture for his home. He soon found that he had so much furniture that it only made sense to open a shop. Jensen has packed the store with chairs by Denmark’s Niels O. Møller, lamps by Louis Kalff of the Netherlands, as well as other art deco and mid-century pieces. So many rare items are limited to what is in stock, so in a sense, this shop can be dangerous to those who love interior design.

Words: Toru Morimoto

Address: Carrer de Pamplona, 60, 08005 Barcelona
Tel: 936-393-013
Access: Bogatell
Opening hours: 10am-7pm
Closed: Saturday and Sunday
© Akashi Photos It started as a hobby, but, now, even his family joins him in his travels to discover new pieces at auctions and markets.
© Akashi Photos Chest by Louis van Teeffelen, lamp by Louis Kalff.
© Akashi Photos The owner, Holland native Niels Jansen, and partner Ron van Melick.

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