A den for rugged types, blending a heritage barbershop with modern craftsmanship.


A den for rugged types, blending a heritage barbershop with modern craftsmanship.

Ludlow Blunt of Brooklyn has attracted the attention of celebrities as well as anyone looking for a unique barbershop that brings classic heritage together with modern styles. The new shop, located in Tokyo’s Daikanyama, is their second location, and it mirrors the original store with its 1930s style. The store has gone all out with marble brought in from New York under vintage designed chairs, and the company has even processed the mirrors to give them a worn-out look. Unlike the New York shop, the store has an adjacent café with enough space for about thirty people. Here they hold events such as seminars on everything from polishing shoes to how to enjoy a good cigar. This is a social spot for mature, rugged types who enjoy the finer things and engaging with each other into the night with a drink in hand. Ludlow Blunt is more than a barbershop.

Words: Pen Editorial

Ludlow Blunt Daikanyana
Address: 14-15 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6455-3938
Opening hours: 11am-8pm (Barber salon), 11am-10pm (Cafe)
Closed: Monday and the first and third Tuesday of the month (Barber salon), Open year round (Cafe)
Clipper cut styles are popular.
Bar with a coffee bean roaster and Jack Daniels lining the café.
The Ludlow Blunt Burger, a thick 150g patty sandwiched between fresh-baked buns.


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