A functional and colorful paper product


A functional and colorful paper product


TAISEI is a printing and packaging company based in Osaka. Founded in 1919, TAISEI has recently introduced a new design essence brand, Taisei Shiki Seisakusho (The Taisei Paperware Factory). This brand uses the name of the company at the time of its founding. TAISEI’s mission is to cultivate a culture from paper that unites both craftsman and customer.

The eight items created by UMA/design farm leader, Yuma Harada, offer superb blends of composition and pop. Envelopes with embossed areas for stamps and addresses, and paper folders with pockets for cards and pens, are just two examples of the high quality book binding technology and technical knowhow that Taisei is leveraging to create fun and unique stationery.

Words: Hisashi Ikai

Tel: 06-6783-0331
Drawer model letter box: ¥1296 each. With six index organizers, this envelope makes document management easy. ¥1512 (available in 3 colors). TAISEI’s prices are reasonable.


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