A modern community for mature living.


A modern community for mature living.

It takes a village to age gracefully, and Kampung Admiralty is exactly that—a village for the aged with commercial shops, a medical center, as well as community gardens. This public facility complex brings people together and offers all the necessities for modern living. As Singapore’s population ages, there’s new value in bringing back the concept of community. Kampung is Malay for village, and the Kampung Admiralty is creating a village within the city. With its nine-hundred-seat trade center and the surrounding community, Kampung Admiralty brings people of all ages together.

Words: Reiko Kasai

Kampung Admiralty
Address: Woodlands Drive 71, Singapore 730676
Access: Admiralty
WOHA, a popular local architectural firm, designed Kampung Admiralty. The eleven-story residential building offers residents a great deal of vertical space, making it easier to move around.
Ninth-floor community gardens where locals and tenants grow flowers and vegetables.
The multipurpose courtyard is a great place for events and a great way to bring the community together.


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