A new place for pastries from morning until night.


A new place for pastries from morning until night.

Christophe Adam is the owner and pastry chef of L’éclair de Génie, which is also a famous store for eclairs in Japan. Adam serves as a commentator for the TV program, “Who Will the Pastry Chefs of Tomorrow Be?” and is one of the most well-known pastry chefs in France. Adam owns a restaurant that’s open year-round and has become the talk of the town. His diverse menu includes breakfast items such as homemade granola and waffles, ceviche and pork boil for lunch, and a variety of sweets in the afternoon. Cocktails and finger-food are available from 6 pm for customers who feel like stopping by on their way home from work. Adam is starting a trend with his dishes at his new address where customers can come to satisfy their sweet tooth or taste for their favorite beverages.

Words: Masae Takada

Dépôt Légal
Address: 6 rue des Petits Champs, 75002 Paris
Tel: 014-4825-751
Access: BOURSE
Opening hours: 8am-11pm (Monday-Saturday), 8am-3pm (Sunday)
Open year round
The name of the store was taken from the Dépôt Légal, that was once the temporary storage area for books for the National Library.
From their lunch menu, sea bream ceviche. It comes with avocado, cucumber, and grapefruit for a fresh taste.
After 15 years with Fauchon, Christophe Adam’s greatest success have been his eclairs. At this restaurant, Adam has spared no effort on every dish on the menu.


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