A new, unique food court for the New Yorker appetite.


A new, unique food court for the New Yorker appetite.

New York City has become home to more food courts in recent years, but rows of cookie cutter franchises have little chance of success when up against the discerning palates of New Yorkers. Enter City Acres Market. A new and different food court in the city’s financial district. City Acres Market caters to the city’s diverse and discriminating tastes with restaurants from neighboring Chinatown and specialty foods such as vegan restaurants. They are waging war on commonplace restaurant chains in this lunch district. The adjacent mini-market sells popular side dishes for workers to take home. It has even become a fun spot for tourists to sample some of New York’s unique cuisine.

Words: Nozomi Suzuki

Address: 70 Pine Street New York, NY 10005
Tel: 917-261-4530 
Access: Wall Street
Opening hours: 7am-12 midnight
Open year round
In addition to vegetables, fish, meat, a cheese shop, and other daily necessities are available. With products not usually available in a business district, City Acres Market is reliable for travelers as well.
A popular gyoza restaurant from Chinatown has also set up shop. Chinese style sandwiches with a white sesame and flour crust are also popular.
And of course, the cold press juice that has become essential for New Yorkers is available.


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