A Small, Independent Shop Selling Aesthetic Tableware


A Small, Independent Shop Selling Aesthetic Tableware

It is no surprise that multi-brand shops these days display clothing together with food or tableware. That’s simply because today we all are interested in bringing quality products into our daily lives.

‘I have selected a wide range of tableware, as each customer has his or her own lifestyle’, says the store owner Mr Joji Sekine. Established in 2015, the ceramics specialist has a great selection of different kinds of items. ‘When thinking about a menu, it would be more fun with a nice dish’, Mr Sekine smiles. And what he says is true—the products showcased here are so unique that they inspire our creativity.

Another good thing is that the shop offers the items at a customer-friendly price. If you are looking for an affordable, but original pieces of ceramic dining ware, this shop should be your stop.

Address: 5th Floor Sugiura Building, 1-28-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6264-4805
Opening hours: 12AM-7PM
Closed: Irregular
© Atsuko Toyama With bright Turquoise colour, this stunning plate was made by a potter Masaaki Nakao. The fresh colouring would motivate your thinking about new recipes.
© Atsuko Toyama This small bowl with the unique, metallic surface made by Kazuhiro Arima is a product of his delicate control of temperature when firing the pottery.
© Atsuko Toyama With nearly 1,000 items, the shop has a large selection of quality ceramic ware, mainly produced by Japanese craftsmen.
© Atsuko Toyama The lineup includes items produced even by a photographer—these two are the works of So Hiramatsu.

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