A store for art, clothes, and shoes by a unique brother and sister team.


A store for art, clothes, and shoes by a unique brother and sister team.

It all began with shoes in Venice, where Marco and Elisa Marsèll created their unisex fashion brand, Marsèll. The flagship store opened in Milan. Their credit artwork such as paintings and photographs for their inspiration, and they have developed a following within the fashion community for their tasteful silhouettes and choice of materials. They also carry their original clothing line and small leather accessories in addition to shoes. The basement of the store is home to a gallery that offers solo exhibitions from various artists alongside over 500 painting albums and photographs. They even sell original vinyl records. There’s so much creativity here that one is likely to get lost in Marsèll.

Words: Kiyoe Sakamoto

Address: Via privato Rezia 2, 20135 Milano
Tel: 027-862-2681
Access: Porta Vittoria
Opening hours: 10am-1pm, 3pm-7pm (Monday-Friday), 3pm-7pm (Saturday)
Closed: Sunday
©Frankie Vaughan The first floor shop is a wide open modern space. All shoes and leather accessories are handmade in their own company workshop in Italy.
©Frankie Vaughan Shoes that they have named, “Pumpkin”, made with a combination of enamel and rubber materials.
©Frankie Vaughan On a bookcase in the basement gallery, a selection of art books. They even have plans to start an art program for children.


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