An Authentic Apothecary from Paris


An Authentic Apothecary from Paris

The popular apothecary from Paris, Buly 1803, is opening a store in Japan, and it will be their first wholly owned flagship store outside Paris. “We have brought the products that he created back to life, and we want to take them to the people of Japan,” says mastermind Ramdane Touhami. The store will carry many favorites including water-based perfumes made from ingredients derived from natural plant oils and a hand cream so smooth that it evokes a sense of familiarity. Beard combs, shaving cream with cypress fragrance, and many authentic products with rich stories will line the shelves. Uncompromising products for uncompromising tastes.

Officine Universelle Buly
Address: B1 1-25-9, Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 0120-09-1803
Opening hours: 11am-8pm
Open year round
© Atsuko Toyama A rare shaving cream with a smoked cypress fragrance. A mischievous package depicting an angel shaving the devil’s beard is one of Touhami’s favorites.
© Atsuko Toyama Natural acetate beard comb, classical and elegant.
© Atsuko Toyama When entering the basement level, one will be bewildered by how different the interior on the left is from the right. The right side, which designers modeled after pharmacies of the nineteenth century, represents tradition, while the modern gray left symbolizes revolution.
© Atsuko Toyama Choose from any combination of their eleven fragrances and nine boxes of the soap we at Pen recommend. It’s also available with one’s initials carved into the soap.

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