Art as Stimulating as the City


Art as Stimulating as the City

In the summer of 2018, Amsterdam will open the world’s largest street art museum in the city’s North Ward where the shipyard once stood. Over the past two years, some of the world’s top street artists have been producing pieces for this collection, making preparations in various parts of the city. A portrait of Anne Frank by a Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra, has already been completed on the outer wall of the museum. It’s a massive twenty-four-meter mural. The synergy among the artists has raised the bar for art quality, and pieces offering powerful messages seem to be popping up all over the city. These cutting-edge pieces are expected to revitalize Amsterdam as more dynamic works show up around the town.

Words: Kiyomi Yui

© Kiyomi Yui Portrait of Anne Frank entitled Let Me Be Myself, by Eduardo Kobra.
© Kiyomi Yui Yudid De Leeuw’s piece covering the wall of the restaurant called Baut.
© Kiyomi Yui The work of D*Face is at the fence of a student hotel in the east part of the city

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