Bring old sneakers back to life. Customized.


Bring old sneakers back to life. Customized.

Stained and dilapidated sneakers no more. Sneaker & Chill all started with one man’s favorite sneakers, soiled from a party. This new store cleans, repairs, and customizes sneakers, and it’s the first store of its kind. In the basement workshop, sneakers of all kinds—famous sports brands to limited editions to everyday romp-around sneakers—wait for a facelift. Nathan Charbit has applied dying techniques to men’s shoes for ten years and has developed the perfect way to perfect the world’s favorite footwear. Every month he gives over three-hundred-fifty pairs of sneakers a cleaning and is also working on a DIY kit to sell to people who want to do it themselves.

Words by Masae Takata

Sneakers & Chill
Address: 78, rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris
Tel: 09-83-06-72-02
Access: Sentier
Opening hours: 1pm-7pm (Monday), 11am-7pm (Tuesday-Saturday)
Closed: Sunday
© Olivier Bardina Customization is on the rise with events that pull in crowds. Printing, needlepoint design etc. require ten days to two weeks.
© Olivier Bardina Cleaning the Kanye West x Louis Vuitton sneaker with a special detergent.
© Olivier Bardina They mix the paint so the leather’s natural color is restored even on scuffed up shoes. Repairs take about one or two weeks.


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