Brunello Cucinelli: Stoicism in Fashion


Brunello Cucinelli: Stoicism in Fashion

The cashmere knit brand founded in 1978 by the 25-year old designer, takes aim at lifestyle beyond fashion. The new store quartered in the upscale fashion district of Milan, Via Monte Napoleone, imparts fashion signals to the world. The three-story building houses men’s wear, women’s wear, as well as accessories and interior home items. The new store conveys the rustic character of Solomeo, the company’s home. The entrance of the new store displays the skyline of the small town and the shop’s wood-clad interior brims with warmth and relaxing ambiance. Enjoy shopping while experiencing the brand’s sense of stewardship for the earth.

Text by Kiyoe Sakamoto

Brunello Cucinelli
Address: Via Monte Napoleone 27/C, 20121 Milano
Tel: 02-76015982
Access: Monte Napoleone
Opening hours: 10am-7pm (Monday to Saturday), 11am-7pm (Sundays and holidays)
Open year round
The 3rd floor has a living room where you can relax on their sofa while taking a close look at the items in the store, as well as a spacious fitting room.
The two large front windows at the entrance are a landmark.
The interior of the store has an “at home” feeling, as if you’ve come to a friend’s cabin to play.


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