Color Your Shoes Patina


Color Your Shoes Patina

At the back of the shop, a craftsman is silently moving his hands on the table. Shoes of raw uncolored leather line up in the showcase. Le Calcéophile opened its doors in the shopping district near Parc de Monceau, and it’s like no other men’s shoe store. Here, they offer custom patinas—shoe dye of the customer’s choice. A concept that makes shoemaking more personal. The owner Rémi Jallat invested his first paycheck in a crafted pair of shoes he had longed for and became fascinated with their elegance and color. His passion for shoes inspired him to start this shop to make luxury more accessible. The collection consists of eleven models using box calf leather at a reasonable price. The art of patina and glacage, a mirror-shine finish, gives customers personalized shoes. Le Calcéophile also offers accessories for shoe care. A truly irresistible place for shoe lovers.

Words: Masae Takada

Le Calcéophile
Address: 85, rue de Courcelles, 75017 Paris
Tel: 09-8403-10-78
Access: Courcelles
Opening hours: 10:30am-7:30pm
Closed: Sunday
A craftsman on duty in the workshop. His craftsmanship was honed at Maison Corthay. He can create any unique color including brilliant red on a shoe. Online shop is also available.
The owner Rémi Jallat. Holding a basic shoe before coloring.
The store also offers a maintenance service for leather shoes and glacage workshop.



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