Cosmos, the origin of beauty.


Cosmos, the origin of beauty.

In Ancient Greek, the word cosmos (κόσμος) means order. We also use it as a substitute for the word universe, and it’s said that Pythagoras was the first to use it this way—expressing his belief in an elegantly structured universe.

VENINI announced ANDO COSMOS as a collaborative effort with the Venetian-glass marketer and architect, Tadao Ando. Each piece represents the beauty of an elegant universe in its geometrical shapes.

The captivating shapes comprise two simple solids: A cube and a sphere. Each of this piece’s three elements are cuboids with a quarter of a ball floating in their centers.

Behind the crafting of these complicated pieces is an even more complicated method—glass blowing. The gaffer and his three assistants heat the wedge of glass to 800º C to pull the form out from it. It’s a long and arduous process.

Most glassmiths, even the Venetian gaffers, work with twenty or so colors, but VENINI employs more than one-hundred-twenty colors to chart new territory with vivid and unique colors. Ando personally selected this unique tricolor combination from the rich color palette.

To Ando, who is an architect by trade, creating these pieces is a task of rethinking their origin. His creative power is as expansive as the universe, and hidden in his work could lie clues for his future creations.

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© Jun Udagawa Elegant geometry, refracts light revealing its water-like surface. Ando made two limited edition versions: one is limited to nineteen and selling for ¥3,326,400, and an edition limited to thirty, which is pictured and sells for ¥3,110,400. The image is a combination of blue, grape, and mint colours (W22.5×H45×D22.5cm).


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