Creating a Hotel for Creators


Creating a Hotel for Creators

Soho House, the membership hotel for creators, opened near the marina in Barcelona, offering guests a resort-like experience in the city. With a membership as a Local House Member for €1,500 annually, one has access to the spa, movie theater, as well as other spaces. Also, an Every House Membership for €1,800 annually offers members Soho House amenities in eighteen locations around the world with further lodging discounts. To become a member applicants are expected to work in advertising, film, fashion, music, or other creative industries. However, anyone with creative pursuits outside of work can apply for a visit and stay without a membership.

Text by Toru Morimoto

Soho House Barcelona
Address: Plaça del Duc de Medinaceli, 4, 08002 Barcelona
Tel: 932-204-600
Access: Drassanes
© Akashi PhotosThe hotel sits oceanfront overlooking the marina, offering a sunrise that fills the thirty-square-meter room with a balcony.
© Akashi PhotosThe rooftop pool and bar gives service that makes one want to stay forever.
© Akashi PhotosThe entrance hall. In the rear of the hotel, the Italian restaurant, Cecconi’s offers appetizing meals for even the most discriminating of palates.


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