Crisp on the outside, creamy on the inside, and delicious all over.


Crisp on the outside, creamy on the inside, and delicious all over.

Creamy meat ragu encapsulated in a breadcrumb crust; the croquette is one of Holland’s traditional dishes. It’s a popular snack, so you can imagine the specialty restaurant Wilde Kroketten has amassed a following. The restaurant makes all the croquettes in their kitchen, and the menu offers unique selections such as cola marinated chicken as well as lemon and mayonnaise langoustine. Pairing beer or wine with menu items gives customers a culinary experience unlike most others. From October, the store will be offering a five-course croquette menu, and we wait with bated breath as a simple snack climbs to the rank of gourmet cuisine.

Words: Yui Kiyomi

Wilde Kroketten
Address: Danzigerkade 27, 1013 AP Amsterdam
Tel: 020-737-2909
Opening hours: 12 noon-11pm (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday), 12pm-1am (Friday and Saturday)
Closed: Tuesday
©Kiyomi Yui Superb original sauces, such as red cabbage mayonnaise and whiskey mustard, bring out the flavor of the croquettes.
©Kiyomi Yui The name of the shop, Wilde means wild, which was chosen to indicate the innovative tastes that are the pride of Wilde Kroketten.
©Kiyomi Yui This shop is the first croquette specialty shop in this newly developed business area.


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