The Shimanami Kaido bikeway enables cyclists to travel across the strait that separates the islands of Honshu and Shikoku via six bridges that connect the smaller islands of the Inland Sea. According to CNN, it’s ‘one of the eight most incredible bike routes in the world’. The starting point in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, is home to the Onomichi U2 hotel complex, newly renovated and formerly a waterfront warehouse. As well as being Japan’s first bike hotel, where guests can complete the check-in process without leaving their saddles, the site also boasts a specialist shop that offers bike repairs, maintenance and rental services, enabling it to cater to cyclists who visit without any equipment. The on-site restaurants and bakeries serve local produce – grilled lemons and raw fish come highly recommended – and make this the perfect starting point for a delightful forty-three-mile journey.

Words: Chikako Tonoi

5-11, Nishi-Goshocho, Onomichi Hiroshima 722-0037
Tel. +81(0)84 821 0550
All rooms feature bicycle hooks – vital if you want to hang a prized bike on the wall.


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