Enjoy Paris as a Parisian would.


Enjoy Paris as a Parisian would.

Inspired by the streets and scenes that surround them, The Hoxton has amassed a following for its hotels in London and Amsterdam. After careful consideration, the company chose Paris’s stylish Satier district to attract a young, creative clientele that is sensitive to trends and fashion. This remodeled eighteenth-century residence has one-hundred-seventy-two rooms, and unlike other Parisian hideaway boutiques and star-rated hotels, The Hoxton is open for public use. Its spacious glass lobby and terrace courtyard are home to a café that hosts community events and is ideal for getting work done. Even the locals enjoy it. The Hoxton is a must for a full Parisian experience.

The Hoxton Paris
Address: 30-32, Rue du Sentier, 75002 Paris
Tel: 01-85-65-75-00
Access: Bonne Nouvelle
The lobby framed in glass and a cobblestone floor provides an open space for getting work done. It’s also a venue for events and workshops.
Rooms carry unique monickers such as Shoebox and Biggy. There are four different room types.
Rivié, the adjacent restaurant that uses all local ingredients.


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