Experience Art at the Bar


Experience Art at the Bar

KW Institute for Contemporary Art has been setting art trends in Berlin since the nineties. American artist Robert Wilhite set up an experimental installation in the building’s basement called Bob’s POGO Bar. Creatives from various backgrounds host each week with different performance styles. The host decides the content and provides original drinks at the bar. This project delivers power and allure, which will refresh Berlin’s art scene.

Words: Hideko Kawachi

Bob’s Pogo Bar at KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Address: Auguststrasse 69, 10117 Berlin
Tel: N/A
Access: Oranienburger Strasse
Opening hours: Every Thursday from 8pm
Closed: During August
© Gianni Plescia Organizers: Ms. Marlene Dietrich (right) and Ms. Katheryn Meyer (left).
© Gianni Plescia Leftover Graffiti from the nineties.
© Gianni Plescia The legendary basement famous as a place where artists had meeting during the Cold War.


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