Faith in the Own Craftsmen


Faith in the Own Craftsmen


Founded in 1979, Shin Ei Industry Co is located in Chiba-shi, which has become a major distribution centre in the area after the opening of Ken-o-do expressway. The firm has its particular strength in metal stamp manifacturing and metal dies, providing packaging services a one-stop manifacturer and shipper. Famous in producing various items in small quantities, Shin Ei Industry offers high-quality products using surface treatment material between 0.6mm and 3.2mm, stainless steel and aluminum. The firm also specialises in designing metal dies and proposing a bespoke solution for optimising metal manifacturing techniques.
The second president Mr Nakamura describers the works as follows.
’70% of our works ‘single operation mold processing’, which means you place a material on a press machine, press a button on the machine for each operation, and repeat the process over and over again. Most factories don’t welcome this kind of work, as it requires a great deal of work and someone to stay next to the machine at all times. However, we have become well-known and specialised in the operation and that’s why we haven’t been affected very much by economic circumstances, whilst the works themselves are challenging’.

Shin Ei Industry
This is the most powerful press machine at Shin Ei Industry. The L joints used in storage shelves are created using this machine.
Before entering the press the material is a single flat sheet. Complex parts are formed by being pressed repeatedly in a single machine. This is known as transfer pressing.
The metal used as the main production material. These metal plates come rolled up like tape, and are then rolled out, extended and inserted into the machine.


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