Feast on Spain’s New Trend, Tuna


Feast on Spain’s New Trend, Tuna

Mediterranean tuna, which is popular in Japan, is now a craze in Barcelona. Nouvelles Catalan cuisine has inspired new recipes for this once pan-fried fish, which has stirred a global craze for Japanese cuisine. With this trend came Tunatecha, a tuna specialty restaurant managed by Balfego. Since opening its doors, the restaurant has gained a great deal of popularity, and it’s supplied with tuna from the Balfego tuna ranch, which distributes farm-raised tuna worldwide. The tuna farm offers high-quality tuna at a stable price, and Tunatecha offers original Mediterranean cuisine. A must for your next visit to Barcelona.

Words: Toru Morimoto

Tunateca Balfego
Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 439, 08036 Barcelona
Tel: 937-976-460
Access: Diagonal
Opening hours: 12 noon-12 midnight
Open year round
© Akashi Photos Toro (marbled fatty tuna belly) carpaccio in Mediterranean style—super thinly sliced toro on sourish tomatoes, served with olive bread on the top.
© Akashi Photos The entrance of Tunatecha.
© Akashi Photos Inside the restaurant is as if you are in the ocean. Tuna is used for all dishes including hot tuna sandwich and toro nigiri.


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